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3 Steps to Nurse Plants Back to Health

As the season shifts into early fall, it is a great time to plant grass seed, shrubs, and trees. This is also a good opportunity to check the status of your existing landscaping. Is last year’s landscaping installment looking lackluster? If you have a tree or shrub that is on its last leg, it’s time to bring in the professionals. The plant and turf experts at Portage Turf Specialists LLC can nurse your landscape back to health in anticipation of winter.

Beautiful landscaping is an investment in your home. Let our plant healthcare professionals come to the rescue

Inspect the plant for disease

The first step to identifying a problem is knowing the signs. Look for these symptoms in your sick trees:

  • Poor structure with unnatural growth pattern
  • Decay with a bulging base and soft branches
  • Deep cracks with pest infestation
  • Dead wood that is dry and brittle

Contact the experts

Certified arborists are trained to care for and maintain trees. Arborists are the best doctor to call for a sick tree. We’ll evaluate the state of the tree, the soil composition, and the best treatment for its illness. Unlike trees in the forest, landscaped trees are often devoid of natural mulch providing nutrients and natural fertilizer. Our natural tree solutions replenish these nutrients and foster growth. Two great options we’ll consider are mycorrhizal treatments and deep root fertilization treatments. Both are organic solutions to keep your yard and its occupants safe and healthy.

  • Mycorrhizal Root Fertilizer introduces healthy fungus and bacteria into the soil to support healthy plants.
  • Root Booster Deep Root Fertilizer is a stimulating blend of compost to improve the health of plants.

Provide the basic necessities

Properly caring for your tree will ensure its resilience and longevity. Maintain the basic health of your trees with regular watering and proper pruning. Loosely pack mulching around your tree base for breathability and nutrient absorption. Use caution when landscaping near trees to avoid injury and disruption to its root system.

Don’t write off your sick tree as dead. Call the plant health experts at Portage Turf Specialists to rejuvenate your investment. Contact us to schedule your natural tree solution today! To get a free quote, fill out our online request form, or call Portage Turf Specialists at (330) 296-8873.

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