5 Fall Lawn Care Tips

We know many people are ready for all the fun activities that the autumn weather brings. Cozy campfires, hats and scarves, hot apple cider, and bumpy hayrides just to name a few. But is your lawn ready for the transition? The experts at Portage Turf Specialists LLC have compiled a few fall maintenance tips to get your lawn prepared for the upcoming cold weather.

1. Remove the Leaves

Try to blow or rake fallen leaves as soon as possible. Leaves that sit too long will become wet from dew and stick together, creating a dense mat that will suffocate your lawn. If you don’t, you will find a soggy decaying lawn in the springtime.

2. Weed & Feed

It’s good to keep a routine schedule of fertilization throughout the year. But if you only fertilize your lawn once a year, the fall is the best time to do so. A fall application of fertilizer delivers essential nutrients for grassroots during the cold season. Fall is also a great time to treat your lawn for weeds so they won’t return in the spring.

3. Aerate

Aerating your lawn prevents the soil from becoming compacted and covered in thatch. The holes in your lawn allow for oxygen, water, and fertilizer to penetrate your grass’s roots more effectively. Portage Turf Specialists LLC offers aeration services to keep your lawn healthy and prepared for the next season.

4. Keep Watering

Many people assume watering is only necessary during the hot days of summer. Although there tends to be more rain and dew in the fall, it’s still important to keep your grass well hydrated going into winter.

5. Patch Bare Spots

Autumn is also an excellent opportunity to fix any bare spots in your lawn. The fall weather typically offers lots of sunshine without the hot temperatures, cool nights, and plenty of moisture to promote an ideal environment for seed growth.

Stay on top of your lawn maintenance this year, and request a quote from Portage Turf Specialists LLC. Call today at (330) 296-8873 for more information about our lawn care services.

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