Does Professional Lawn Care Add Value to Your Home?

Spring is on the horizon and most real estate professionals will agree that spring is when the housing market sees the most action. If you’re considering listing your Ohio home this spring, you’ve likely already started thinking of ways to add value. You may have completed small cosmetic updates in the kitchen or master bath, but you’d really like to add some curb appeal. At Portage Turf Specialists LLC, we know how to help your house make a good first impression with professional lawn care services.

First Impressions Matter

Even though we’ve all been told not to judge a book by its cover, we still do it and your lawn is your home’s book cover. It’s the first thing prospective buyers will see when they pull up to your house, and it leaves an impression. If your lawn is green and lush with well-established trees and shrubs, it shows you take great care of the property. Prospective buyers look for a well-maintained home, both inside and out. If your grass is patchy and brown, they won’t expect good things when they view the inside.

Lawn Care or Landscaping?

There is a difference between professional lawn care and landscaping. Lawn care addresses the health of your law; services include fertilization and weed control programs as well as aeration and overseeding. So, while you might be able to add a few pretty plants around your front door, you can’t mask an unhealthy lawn with landscaping.

Renovation and Repairs

Are you worried now that your lawn is too far gone and won’t look good for potential buyers? Is it thin and patchy throughout, or loaded with every type of grass your local hardware carries? We have solutions that will address all of these problems. Some lawns need to be aerated and seeded while others could benefit from slit seeding to introduce a more drought-tolerant turfgrass. No lawn issue is too big for the professional team at Portage Turf.

Portage Turf Specialists services Ravenna, Hudson, Kent, and Aurora, as well as other nearby Ohio areas, with naturally better lawn care. Read our customer reviews to see how other homeowners have increased the value of their homes with our professional lawn services. Start boosting that value by  contacting us today at (330) 296-8873.

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