The Portage Turf Difference

The benefits of a healthy lawn are numerous, however, many homeowners don’t understand how to achieve it. Because lawn care is often thought of as something that the average homeowner can accomplish on their own, professional lawn care is undervalued. The professionals at Portage Turf Specialists, LCC. are trained to apply products and maintain your lawn correctly, yielding much better results than you would get from doing it yourself. Read on to learn about the difference.

What Is a Lawn Care Program?

The average homeowner only treats their lawns once or twice a year. However, a lawn care program is a treatment plan composed of several visits throughout the year. These visits include lawn pest management as well as fertilizer and weed control services tailored to your lawn’s exact needs. Our experts determine your lawn’s needs based on the climate, soil temperature, and composition, as well as local agronomics.

Regular Observation

Another great benefit of having professionals regularly on your property is that they will notice if anything is amiss. If our team suspects insect or disease activity, we’ll notify you right away and adjust our program as needed. Many pests and weeds can take over a lawn and do significant damage before you even realize they are there, so by investing in professional lawn care, you can have peace of mind knowing your turf is being watched over.

Other Services

Finally, when you choose Portage Turf, you also have access to other lawn services that can benefit your lawn throughout the year. Care including tree and shrub services, aeration and overseeding, and insect and grub control can be added to your service plan at any time to make sure your lawn is thriving all year long. We also offer the option of choosing all organic lawn care products to avoid using synthetic chemicals on your property.

Start experiencing the Portage Turf Specialists difference today by contacting us in Ravenna, OH at (330) 296-8873. We believe in naturally better lawn services to provide not just green, but healthy turf.

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