Why are there so many weeds on my lawn?

Is your lawn going through the seed stage?

If your lawn looks like a miniature wheat field, you’re not alone. Most lawns in Ohio are going to seed now, putting all their energy into seed production preparing themselves to look green and beautiful. Turfgrasses will soon return to their darker, thicker, greener selves. Here are a few tips to care for your lawn in late spring:

  • Keep lawns watered  during dry periods as seed stages can make lawns extra thirsty.
  • Keep mowing the white puffy seed heads remembering not to remove more than 1/3 of the grass blades per cut.
  • Mow high, at your mower’s highest setting, or at least 3″ high.
  • Keep your mower blades sharpened to avoid tearing grass blades.
  • Mulch clippings as this is your very best source of organic fertilization. Bagging lawn clippings is wasteful, and removes thousands of pounds of nutrient rich organic material from your  lawn that simply cant be replaced.
  • Keep up with  regular lawn care and a lawn fertilization program going into summer so the lawn doesn’t get hungry. Being nutrient deprived will make lawns much more susceptible to lawn problems such as drought stress, patchy areas and lawn diseases like red thread, brown patch, rust, dollar spot just to name a few.
  • Rest assured your thick green lawn will soon return!

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Check out Ohio turfgrass going to seed!

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