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Portage Turf nextdoor Neighborhood Favorite award 2021
Portage Turf award for Neighborhood favorite from Nextdoor

Dormant Winter Pruning Special

The winter months are upon us and we are excited to have our lawns winterized and prepared for the cold days ahead. During the growing season, we take care of ornamental trees and shrubs with a regular plant health care visit in which we fertilize the plants with an organic biostimulant to promote healthy plants as well as inspect and treat for insects and diseases.

The dormant winter months are the best time for pruning because we can easily see and correct improper branching and work to promote a healthy plant that will be rejuvenated for spring growth in a correct form. Have you or a landscaper tried and failed at a tree or shrub pruning, have a brown shrub, or an overgrown landscape in northeast Ohio? Contact  https://portageturf.com/contact/ Portage Turf Specialists today for a FREE comprehensive Plant Health Care inspection.

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