How to water a newly seeded lawn


  • After seeding has been performed keep the soil lightly moistened twice daily for good germination. If you are not able to water twice daily, make sure to water AT LEAST once a day. Do not over water, two light sprinklings are better than one heavy, ensuring your seed does not dry out.
  • Monitor weather: Cool and wet means no watering, hot and dry means 2 times daily.
  • Do not allow the top surface to become dried out at anytime. This can injure or even kill the seedlings during their fragile germination phase . Seed can sit for weeks but once watering has begun,  you must follow through daily for success.
  • Seedlings can also be killed by overwatering. Persistent standing water causes new seed to rot. Soil should never remain squishy or saturated- again –Lightly moistened.
  • The best time to water newly seeded lawns in early in the morning and/or later in the evening. During hot periods a midday watering may be necessary as well.
  • Limit traffic on the new seeded lawn as much as possible.
  • Once the lawn has started to thicken up (about 2-3 weeks), change the watering schedule to 2 times per week at .5 inch/watering.
  • Once grass has grown to 2.5” or 3” you can mow.
  • No herbicide for 6 weeks
  • Keep the healthy by mowing regularly, never removing more than 1/3 of the blade.
  • Portage Turf does not guarantee any seeding but we can guarantee that we plant in the proper location with viable seed, correct seed variety and at the depth and seeding rate professionals suggest. If a lawn is watered correctly there is no reason for it not to grow quickly and fill in with great results.
  • Depending on the lawn you can expect the new seedlings to emerge anywhere from 7-14 days and even up to 21 days in some cases.   Enjoy your new lawn!

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