Our lawn care and maintenance programs

Every lawn has a unique environment, and at Portage Turf we  start at the roots with all our services to create specifically designed programs. We work strategically to combine the best in organic and traditional methods to provide a naturally better approach to lawn care. Not only do we feed the turf but we improve soil conditions allowing for a  healthier, thicker lawn. 

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Weed Control

Organic Care

Portage Turf Specialists 5 Step Lawn Care Program

At Portage Turf Specialists we stay away from the one size fits all approach. We customize our program to meet your needs. We use a granular fertilizer which will work on breaking down your soil throughout the season. Because we separate our fertilizer from our weed control (liquid) we are able to service both non organic and organic customers alike. 

  • Early Spring Application
    • Granular crabgrass control 
  • Late Spring Application     
    • Focus on dandelion and other broadleaf control
  • Summer Application         
    • Repairs lawn during summer heat
  • Early Fall Application         
    • Attacks fall broadleaf weeds including thistles
  • Late Fall Application         
    • Winterizer which helps grass recover from dormancy 
*Free Soil Test and Mineral Booster Is Provided For All New Customers
**Mineral Booster Is Ran On Every Round and Customers With Grub Control with Have This Applied On Their Summer Treatment.

Repair your lawn with our aeration and seeding services

You deserve a lawn to be proud of, and the professionals at Portage Turf have the perfect lawn care services for managing healthy turf. If your yard isn’t living up to its full potential, talk to an expert about fall aeration or proper seeding and renovation methods. Choosing the right project for the right season is our expertise. Learn more about how we can restore your lawn today

Organic Lawn Care Options

At Portage Turf, we firmly believe in taking care of Mother Earth, which is why we provide an organic lawn care program that is 100% certified with the Organic Materials Review Institute. We pride ourselves in greatly reducing chemical use on lawns, and our organic service is an extra step we take to further lessen the impact on the planet. Read more about us and our common-sense approach to lawn care services.