Lawn Care Services in Solon, OH

Do you know the best way to treat and maintain your lawn? We do! At Portage Turf Specialists, our lawn care expertise covers everything from lawn pest control to shrub and tree care to lawn aeration. No matter your reason for needing a specialist, we can handle your lawn’s specific problems in an environmentally safe way that will get results.

We proudly serve Solon and surrounding areas with year-round lawn services. If you could use a little more time for the important things in life, get started by calling (330) 296-8873 today. We look forward to serving you a greener, thicker, and more naturally better lawn with our industry-leading services.




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Solon, OH
"One of the best places to live"

Solon has been recognized by Money magazine on its “Best Places to Live” list multiple times and has also been praised by Bloomberg Businessweek. This creates a need in locals to ensure that their properties remain upkept and pleasing—and this includes their lawns. And because Bloomberg Businessweek stated that Solon, Ohio is one of the best places to raise children in the U.S., this also means watching out for their health and safety. This is why at Portage Turf, we use organic methods for our lawn care that help the lawn stay healthy as well as the families that own enjoy them. We provide a 100% Organic Materials Review Institute Certified organic lawn care program that uses organic, slow-release fertilizer and pest control methods. To find out more about our lawn care programs in Solon, OH use the link below or contact us at (330) 296-8873 

Professional Lawn Care Services

Is your yard slowly being taken over by weeds? Contact the lawn repair and weed control experts of Portage Turf Specialists. Our lawn fertilization and weed control programs use a specially crafted blend of natural and traditional methods. The goal is to improve the health of your lawn without saturating it with unnecessary (and harmful) chemicals. For example, perhaps emerald ash borers are destroying your trees and shrubs. We can tailor specific insect and grub control services to your microclimate to rid your lawn of unwanted creatures while protecting the healthy ones.

For those wanting to take a completely organic approach to lawn maintenance, we proudly offer a 100% Organic Materials Review Institute Certified organic lawn care program. We believe in taking care of Mother Earth and sincerely strive to constantly reduce our impact. Learn more about us, and see how we have helped many Solon homeowners by reading our customer reviews.