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Lawn Disease Prevention Tips to the Rescue

Lawn Disease Prevention Tips

The warm weather and sun are finally here… Hello SUMMER! Many of us are gearing up for cookouts, family reunions, graduation parties, and lots of fun with friends and family in our backyards. Portage Turf Specialists’ has a few tips to keep lawns green and healthy by preventing lawn disease this summer.

We have had TONS of rain and now that the ground temperature is heating up, lawns will be very susceptible to various lawn diseases that can turn your lawn anything but green. Brown spots, web-like fungi, polka-dotted blades of grass, and black or red residue on your shoes after being in the lawn are all signs of disease. While most disease fizzles out with proper fertilization and mowing, soil deficiencies may cause those diseases to stick around longer and cause significant damage to the lawn. The best defense against disease is great organic-based fertilization and proper lawn maintenance. Here are our recommendations:

  1. Proper Watering– Try not to water the lawn in late evening on warm nights and don’t over water in general. The best time to water is early morning, before things heat up. This gives time for the sun to dry off the grass before nightfall. Fungi thrive in dark, moist, warm conditions so we want those lawns dry in the evenings.
  2. Mow as high as you can– And don’t mow if the grass isn’t growing. We don’t want the roots to get dry and a longer blade protects the root systems in high heat. Stressed grass will always be at risk for lawn disease.
  3. Reduce lawn stress– You may want to stay off the lawn when it’s really dry and hot. The lawn can’t stand traffic stress when it’s going dormant due to heat. You’ll end up with brown, even dead looking tracks if you use the lawn those days.
  4. Get your soil tested– If your lawn is habitually getting diseased every year, despite proper lawn maintenance, it’s definitely time for a soil test. The soil analysis will tell us what your soil needs to make the lawn healthier.
  5. Apply a Mineral Deficiency Booster to help correct soil nutrient deficiencies and naturally suppress lawn disease issues.
  6. Correct Lawn PH acidity/alkalinity issues with a lime or sulphur application to allow for better nutrient uptake.
  7. Aerate annually– Poor drainage and compacted soil and root systems are a major cause of disease.
  8. Over-seed in the fall– We offer the newest seed blends that are scientifically designed to withstand drought and disease. Over-seeding in the fall with these heartier blends will strengthen your lawn.

Lawn disease is caused by various fungi and mold spores and all lawns have the potential for the disease under the right conditions. A fungicide program with Portage Turf can help limit damage and keep your lawn green throughout the summer months where disease may be more prevalent. Call us if you have any concerns and we will get to the bottom of the problem.

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