Fertilization and Weed Control

Are you dealing with dandelions, ground ivy, violets, or creeping charlie? Do you have that mulch bed that you are spending endless weekends trying to clear? Maybe you’re in new development and your lawn is yellow and being taken over with disease.

At Portage Turf we treat each lawn as we learn about its unique environment, and start at the roots with all of our services to create specifically designed programs. We work strategically to combine the best in organic and traditional methods to provide a naturally better approach to lawn care. This process not only feeds your turf but also builds better soil conditions and natural defenses.

Complete Care

Starting from the ground up, Portage Turf specializes in lawn fertilizer solutions for every property. Synthetic treatments are like unhealthy fast food for a lawn, leaving soil depleted and in need of more chemicals, time, and money to stay looking presentable. Our natural approach uses slow-release fertilizers that greatly reduce the number of chemicals needed, oftentimes less than an ounce. The best way to nurture a healthy lawn is with our Premium 5-Step Application Schedule.

Premium 5-Step Application Schedule

  1. Early Spring Application:
    1. Organic-based, slow-release fertilizer & pre-emergent crabgrass control
  2. Late Spring Application*:
    1. Organic-based, slow-release fertilizer & weed control
  3. Summer Application*:
    1. Organic-based, slow-release fertilizer(with grub if applicable) & spot weed control
  4. Fall Application:
    1. Organic-based, slow-release fertilizer & spot weed control
  5. Late Fall Application:
    1. Organic-based, slow-release winterizer & spot weed control


Season-long grub control can be added and will be applied third visit where applicable

Take back your weekends, with a Mulch Bed Weed Control

Nothing ruins the appearance of a flower or landscape bed quicker than insects and grubs or unsightly weeds, and with our weed control programs, the only thing you’ll see in your flower beds is flowers! We have two options for maintaining control.

Weed Control Programs
  1. Pre-emergent weed control:
    The old adage “A good offense is the best defense” couldn’t be more true. One spring application of pre-emergent can reduce hand weeding by as much as 80%.
  2. Complete care:
    This four-application program begins with pre-emergent care. Then we check back every 6-8 weeks for appropriate post-emergent treatments.

Learn More About Managing Your Mulch Beds

Mulch Bed Free Of Weeds

What about lawn disease?

  • Ohio lawns are naturally full of fungi which can be harmless but can also cause issues with certain conditions. Some of these conditions include
  • Drought
  • Improper mowing such as cutting too short
  • Compacted soil needing aeration
  • Overwatering
  • Using the wrong type of fertilizer for your soil
  • Weather conditions such as humidity, heavy rainfalls, and temperatures

Common Lawn Disease

There are quite a few fungal diseases that can impact lawns, but they’re usually pretty specialized, targeting specific lawn types, at certain times of the year, under certain conditions. For example:

  • Brown patch strikes during hot, humid weather.
  • Fusarium blight prefers hot, drought conditions.
  • Dollar spot tends to spring up when nights are cool and dew is heavy.


Before treating your lawn, it’s important to identify not only whether your lawn indeed has a fungal disease, but to identify the fungus itself. All fungicides aren’t the same, and some diseases can be easily treated by making changes to your lawn care practices.

At Portage Turf, our “Naturally Better Lawn Care” approach will help fight these diseases with our organic-based fertilizers. Other solutions may include aeration and fungicide treatment if necessary. 

Reach out to Portage Turf Specialists today to give yourself the lawn you deserve!