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Mole Control

If you are experiencing soft tunnels throughout your lawn and dirt piles from burrowing moles, you are not alone! Last year’s wet summer and soft soils allowed mole populations to explode. This year’s prolonged heavy snow cover allowed moles to destroy lawns throughout our region undetected. They were also protected from natural predators such as cats, hawks, and owls. Many will look to grub control to eliminate one of the moles’ food sources, however, earthworms remain the mole’s favorite food and the damage continues. Many mole control measures exist ranging from baiting to, trapping and the list even includes vibrating devices and bubble gum. Many homeowners will try to control and fail but the lawn damage will continue to mount up, likely into hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in damages. Contacting a local lawn care company experienced in mole control like Portage Turf Specialists will save you time, money, and most importantly your beautiful lawn!

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