Why is my lawn seeing yellow polka dots?

frost damage early spring northeast ohio

At  Portage Turf Specialists we work hard to keep our customers up to date on the ever-changing landscape of Ohio lawn care. 

Over the last week, we’ve had many customers report to us that they are seeing similar yellow patterns on their lawns as pictured above. After multiple visits and pictures and we’ve come to discover many lawns are being impacted by frost damage.

What is frost damage?

After many weeks of heavy rains and some warmer daytime temperatures you probably noticed your grass started to green up and started to thicken up. If your lawn benefits from any kind of fertilization program most likely your lawn started to kickstart itself from neighbors who may not use any kind of lawn care service. After a week of decent germination, we had another week of cold temperatures essentially refreezing our soil, in turn, cutting off the nutrients the grass needs to sustain itself in the early spring and in turn causing frostbitten lawns. 

What should I do?

Most of these lawns should recover within a couple of weeks with some warmer temperatures and in addition, light spring rains will help the grass start to grow out. We would caution against adding any high doses of nitrogen for at least a month as this may cause dehydration to the grass. Mowing only after your lawn begins to grow again is not showing signs of discoloration can also be helpful.

Need Help?

At Portage Turf Specialists we work hard to provide our customers with some of the greenest, thickest, and more natural lawns throughout Northeast Ohio. We’d love the opportunity to work alongside you and help to give you the lawn you deserve! 

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