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Preparing Trees & Shrubs for Winter Weather

The cold temperatures and howling winds of winter can cause visible and hidden damage to the healthy trees and shrubs in your yard. Preparing them for the winter season does not take much time, and your plants will thank you when spring finally arrives. Understanding what causes the most damage will help you take the appropriate steps in protecting your trees and shrubs for the upcoming winter. For more information, contact the lawn care professionals at Portage Turf Specialists, LLC.


Although snow creates a natural barrier from the extremely cold temperatures of winter, young trees and shrubs are especially susceptible to cold weather. These vulnerable plants are in need of more protection than a layer of snow can provide. The weight of snow and ice against trees, shrubs, and plants can also cause damage if not sheltered.

Winter Wind & Cold

The winter wind can cause evergreen trees and shrubs to lose their beautiful dark green color, turning them brown or even bleaching their leaves and branches. When the ground becomes frozen, it can be difficult for the plants to find the extra moisture they need during this time of year.


Cold temperatures combined with less moisture in the air can cause dehydration in your trees and shrubs. Plant roots cannot easily find the water they need. Sun exposure, even during the cold season, can add extra stress on plants already lacking water.

Protection from Winter Weather

To protect your trees and shrubs from the winter elements, try the following lawn care solutions:

  • Cover or wrap shrubs in a sheet of burlap.
  • Use a combination of chicken wire and burlap for more sturdy protection.
  • Install a burlap or snow fence barrier to block the wind and drifting snow.
  • Build simple A-frames to place over large plants and shrubs.
  • Water evergreens and shrubs one last time thoroughly in the fall.

Portage Turf Specialists can help you prepare your trees and plants from the harsh winter weather. Contact us at (330) 296-8873 for a free quote on our lawn maintenance and lawn care services.

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