3 Fall Lawn Care Mistakes

3 Fall Lawn Care Mistakes

Growing a lush, green lawn is well within the capabilities of any homeowner, as long as you follow a few simple rules. Unfortunately, many lawns fail, not because of neglect, but because of some bad practices and misconceptions made in the fall. So, to help you end up with the greenest, healthiest lawn next spring, our team at Portage Turf has compiled a list of the biggest pitfalls standing between you and a great lawn.

1. Cutting the Lawn Too Short

When planning your last mow of the season, it can be tempting to cut it super short to make it through until spring. However, as a general rule, grass should be cut no shorter than about 3 inches long. Trimming it too short removes much of the energy-producing top growth and puts unnecessary stress on the plant, making it more susceptible to insects and disease.

2. Not Aerating

There are many benefits to aerating your lawn, the first of which is more productive irrigation. On an aerated lawn, water penetrates more deeply into the soil, creating a deeper root system that is much more tolerant of drought. The best time to aerate is the fall when the temperatures have cooled off and the grass is still actively growing.

3. Fertilizing Improperly

Applying the wrong fertilizer or applying too much fertilizer can do more harm than good. And the correct fertilizer can be ineffective if applied too sparingly or at the wrong time of year. In the fall, apply fertilizer to strengthen the lawn and repair summer damage. Treat bare spots with an all-in-one lawn repair mix that contains grass seed, mulch, and a quick-start fertilizer.

To find out more about how to care for your lawn through the fall and winter, contact Portage Turf today at (330) 296-8873. We provide naturally better lawn care to the communities of KentAurora, and Hudson, OH, and we proudly offer expert lawn service, including aeration and a certified organic lawn care program.

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