Give the Gift of Professional Lawn Care

Give the Gift of Professional Lawn Care

Do you have someone that’s hard to buy for on your Christmas list this year? Maybe a parent who doesn’t really want anything material, or an adult sibling who returns everything you buy. This year, think out of the box when completing your Christmas list and give the gift of professional lawn care. Your loved one will feel loved and appreciated when they open your gift and begin reaping all the benefits of professional lawn care. Read on to learn why lawn care from Portage Turf Specialists is a great way to show you care this holiday season.

1. Save Them Time

When you give the gift of professional lawn care, you open up the weekends for the person you love. They will be free to devote their time to other activities knowing that their lawn is taken care of and well-maintained. Maybe your parent will be able to pursue a long dreamed of hobby, or your sibling will finally be able to attend their children’s soccer games. Professional lawn care is a gift that keeps on giving.

2. Give Them Expertise

If the person you’re buying for truly cares about their home and its appearance but doesn’t have the expertise to achieve a lush, green lawn, professional lawn care is the perfect gift. Their lawn will be at its best health and appearance under the care of an expert from Portage Turf, as we will create a specifically designed program for their lawn.

3. Save Them Money

Finally, the gift of professional lawn care will save your family member money! Not only will they not need to purchase their own tools and supplies needed to maintain their lawn, they’ll also save money on potential renovation projects down the road. When a landscape is neglected, it can cause problems to arise, such as weeds and pests. The cost of correcting these problems often overshadows the price of hiring professional lawn maintenance that could have prevented these problems.

While professional lawn care might seem like an unusual Christmas gift, the benefits truly speak for themselves. Portage Turf Specialists provides quality lawn care in Ravenna, OH. We believe in naturally better lawn services to provide not just green turf, but healthy turf. To learn more about our services, contact us today at (330) 296-8873.

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