3 Key Benefits of Lawn Aeration

3 Key Benefits of Lawn Aeration

One of the healthiest processes for maintaining great lawn health is professional aeration. But what is lawn aeration? By definition, to aerate is “to introduce air into a material”. In this case, the material is the soil your lawn is growing in. Aeration permits water and nutrients to better penetrate the soil so your lawn can thrive. Our team at Portage Turf Specialists LLC has comprised a list of benefits so you will understand why choosing aeration is a great idea for your lawn’s health.

1. More Productive Irrigation

The first benefit is that water, whether from your irrigation system or the next rain, will be able to soak into the soil more quickly. Minor issues of standing water or post-rain puddles might be fixed immediately. Algae growth is reduced or eliminated. Excess runoff is reduced, requiring less water to irrigate the recommended depth. Additionally, on an aerated lawn, water penetrates more deeply into the soil, creating a deeper root system that is much more tolerant of drought. If you have an irrigation system, this could reduce your water bill. If nature waters your lawn, every rainfall will have a greater impact on your lawn.

2. Increased Lawn Resilience

After aeration, you’ll start to notice that your lawn becomes “springier” and more resilient. Because of the additional oxygen in the soil, the roots will be thick and healthy, making the blades thick and healthy too. The roots of your grass will grow to fill in the newly loosened soil, even where growth was sparse due to compaction. These deeper roots will also be in a cooler zone of the soil which will increase heat tolerance.

3. Healthier Earthworms and Microbes

Earthworms will thrive in an aerated lawn, moving through the soil and benefiting it with their tunneling and castings. This allows even more air, water, and nutrients to move deeper into the root zone. Along with earthworms, naturally occurring microbes present in healthy soil will also thrive with the additional oxygen and nutrients. These microbes play a much larger role in grass health than most people realize: it is the action of these microbes breaking down the nutrients in the soil that allows the grass to use the fertilizer you apply.

To find out more about aeration services at Portage Turf, contact us today at (330) 296-8873. We provide naturally better lawn care to the communities of Kent,  Aurora, and Hudson, OH, and we proudly offer a certified organic lawn-care program to make your lawn a little more “green”.

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