When It’s Time to Outsource Your Lawn Care

When It’s Time to Outsource Your Lawn Care

Have you ever considered hiring a professional lawn care service? Hiring a company to care for your lawn might not be right for everyone. If you love slinging bags of fertilizer and herbicide on your days off and have always gotten picture-perfect results with your lawn care regimen, a lawn care service is probably not for you. However, if you’re looking to recoup some of your free time or you can’t achieve a picture-perfect lawn on your own, our team at Portage Turf Specialists LLC is here to help. Read on for more reasons why outsourcing your lawn care might be the right choice this spring.

You Aren’t Able to Give Your Lawn the Attention It Needs

This is a pretty common problem for Ohio homeowners. Maybe you used to take great pride in your property’s appearance, but life happened and now your yard is getting neglected. Maybe you’ve sustained an injury or illness, or maybe your weekends are now filled with soccer practice, baseball games, or math tutoring for your kids. No matter what you fill your weekends with, if there is no room for lawn care, you could definitely benefit from professional help.

Your Yard Needs Renovation or Repairs

Another common problem for homeowners is a lawn that needs attention that they are just not equipped to give. Perhaps you’ve moved recently into a new home and the previous owners neglected the lawn, leaving a bigger renovation job than you’re prepared or able to handle. Maybe your yard suffered damage from a replaced septic tank or your weeds have overrun it. Bottom line, if your lawn needs renovation and repairs, call in the pros.

You Don’t Know What Your Lawn Needs

What product gets applied when? How much do you have to buy, and where will you safely store the extra? Is using the wrong product a waste of money – or even worse, could it harm your lawn, pets, or family? Do you have the equipment to apply lawn products properly? Do you know how to calibrate your equipment for best results and safety? Maybe you don’t even know where to begin with lawn care, or have been doing it yourself but haven’t gotten the results you wanted. Don’t worry about it, just leave it to us!

Portage Turf Specialists provides quality lawn care in Ravenna, OH. We believe in naturally better lawn services to provide not just green turf, but healthy turf. To learn more about our services, contact us today at (330) 296-8873.

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