Why Does My Lawn Have Dead Patches?

Why Does My Lawn Have Dead Patches?

At Portage Turf Specialists LLC, we understand how frustrating it is when you work hard for a beautiful, green yard only to find dead patches. If you’re like many Ravenna, OH, homeowners, you take pride in your home and your lawn, and the last thing you want is ugly, brown spots ruining your curb appeal. However, before you get too discouraged, our team is here to help. We believe that the cure to dead patches lies in finding the root of the problem. Below we’ve listed the top three likely causes of dead patches and how to combat them.

1. Fungus

Your lawn is naturally full of different types of fungi and spores, some harmless and some problematic. However, the wrong conditions can cause grass fungus to turn into a harmful disease, causing ugly brown patches in your lawn. Some likely causes of fungus are extremely wet conditions, poor air circulation, lack of sunlight, and watering at the wrong time of day. The issue may resolve itself with increased maintenance and drier weather. However, it’s important never to water your lawn in the evening as the water will remain on the grass longer and encourage the fungus to grow. In extreme cases, speak to a lawn care professional to find out if a fungicide is necessary.

2. Grubs

Grubs in large numbers are destructive to your grass, and because they feast on the roots, a lawn that is infested with grubs will lift away easily in the affected areas or feel spongy. Grubs are usually found in spring and early summer due to overly saturated soil. To get your grub problem under control, we recommend raking the area to remove the dead grass and clear it for treatment. Then, use high-quality, slow-release products that will minimize leaching and provide long-lasting green grass

3. Foreign Objects

During summertime, dead grass is often caused by outside toys, kiddie pools, garden hoses, sandboxes, and other objects left on the lawn too long. The pressure and weight of the object, combined with the lack of sunlight and air, will kill your grass quickly and leave you with a brown patch underneath. The solution to this problem is a simple one: keep moving them! Clear away the toys each night and set them up in a different location each day. It may seem excessive, but it will help your lawn survive. If you do have dead patches from toys, the grass will usually return to normal after the object has been removed and it regains normal exposure to sunlight, air, and water.

If you are tired of looking at brown spots in your yard, contact the pros at Portage Turf Specialists LLC in Ravenna, OH, today at (330) 296-8873. We believe the best way to protect your lawn is by taking action long before a problem arises.

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